Ship Chandler Antwerp


Ship chandler Antwerp is an established marine chandler in the only Antwerp supplying best quality all kinds ship stores. Ship Chandler Antwerp is an Belgium best ship supplier at Belgium, which means shortlu best ship supplier. Shipchandler Antwerp are located within close proximity of Antwerp Port. We are supply everything expected from agood ship chandler including Deck, Engine, Food Provisions, B.A Charts & Publications, Safety Equipments, and Bonded Stores.

Ship Chandler Antwerp Supplies are sourced locally, nationally and internationally – so your vessel’s requirements ‘from pin to an elephant’ and even products of ethnical tastes, we are able to provide. Always our aim is to be the best marine chandlers in the area and are proud of the service we can best offer – our experienced staff swiftly source your requisitions and arrange quick delivery of goods on board your goods vessels.

The Ship Chandler Antwerp Team

Ship Chandler Antwerp have a competent team of 17 staffs monitoring the operations 24/7, Most of them have more than two decades of experience in the same field of marine supply and can offer the best products from the market at competitive prices. Our Ship Supply team is able to offer a quote within the minimum time as we operate with the most modern IT software.

Our Motto: “One e-mail send- Ship chandler Antwerp Supply everything”.

Ship chandler Antwerp Vision

Shipchandler Antwerp attain recognition as market leader in our region and emerge as the first choice ship chandler for all our clients with our quality of service through hardwork at present and in future.

Our Philosophy

Always focus on long term business rather than striking a one-of deal. Serve with best quality products at competitive prices.

Ship Supply Antwerp intend to fulfil, Ship chandler Antwerp vision by keeping experienced staff who will understand the basic requirements of a ship and offer best services that will put ship owners and operators at complete ease. Moreover, we recognise the fact that innovation and technology are the keys to successful and cost effective transactions. To this end, we have adopted the most modern technologies available in the market and upgrade our systems at every stage. Antwerp Ship chandler work with all the shipping agents within Belgium and guarantee vessels a personal service second to none. Ship chandlers Antwerp state of the art facility ensures food safety by also monitoring storage and offices by CCTV round the clock so that products are freshly served to the customers. Shipchandler Antwerp comply with local and international regulations relating to storing, handling and supply of marine and food products. [email protected]

Ship Chandlers Antwerp is the best option today to supply, a variety of quality products with a team that knows your needs. Ship chandler Antwerp are ready to work for you and ensure that your ship is always supplied ahead of time and within your budget. [email protected]

In House Facilities

We serve our clients with the most modern state of art facility. Ship Supply Antwerp have made capital intensive investments in freezers,chillers and airconditioned storage area ensure fresh food supplies are stored at optimum temperatures. Antwerp Ship Supply have, at any given time, the following line items in the stock to meet all supply requirements of our valued customers. [email protected]

Ship chandler Antwerp stocks:

  • Dry items: – 2200 line items
  • Frozen items: – 1100 line items
  • Technical stores: – 6500 line items

Moreover, we have our approved suppliers standing by to satisfy any ethnical taste and all technical items.

If your vessel need something please contact with us sure we will arrange best service to your ship with best prices: [email protected]