Ship Chandler Zeebrugge

Ship Chandler Zeebrugge

General Ship Supply is our mission. Ship Chandler Zeebrugge give all our passion to fullfill the complete range of needs arising on a vessel. To give the best service for all kind of cargo and cruise vessels calling germany and north europe is what we do 24 hours every day.

Ship Chandler Zeebrugge supply very high quality provision and bonded stores at reasonable prices as Ship Chandler Zeebrugge do for all stores equipment like deck, engine, electrical, stationary, cabin, galley for ropes and hawsers and all kind of tools.
Ship Chandler Zeebrugge expertise and personal commitment ensures that all food and non food items will arrive at the right place at the right time and in perfect condition.

Ship Chandler Zeebrugge take the utmost pride in supplying our customers with the highest level of service possible and Ship Chandler Zeebrugge are proud of our ability to meet their requirements “ON TIME EVERY TIME”

Ship Chandling : Dealing with supply of a vessel’s full Ship Chandlery requirements , the company provides the services to ships, either in port or at sea. The supplies are covering at Zeebrugge port

The full range of IMPA/ISSA catalogues
Provisions, Bond, Medicine
Cabin stores – cloth and linen
Deck, Engine & Electrical Store
Supply & Repair of LSA/FFA & Solas Items
Charts & Publications
Container lashing materials (Class approved)
Supply / installation of radar / gyro compass
Supply/installation of auto pilot/ A.I.S & all other navigational equipment’s

Ship Repairs & Maintenance : Ship Chandler Zeebrugge have skilled team of staff to carry out the fabrication & steel renewal of deck/cargo hold etc. Ship Chandler Zeebrugge have team of various Class Approved welders & fitters.

– Main Engines
– Auxiliary Engines
– Hydraulics Pumps/ Motors
– Repair & Supply of all type of hydraulic motors/pumps

Spares of Main & Auxiliary & Main Engines
– Compressors
– Hydraulic motors

Technical Services :
– Ship Chandler Zeebrugge could offer competitive prices and short delivery time for the following.

Electric motor rewinding.
– Approved cargo gear testing
– Annual Servicing of navigational equipment

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Ship Chandler Zeebrugge