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Ship chandler Antwerp can provide your ship with all of your cabin needs. Antwerp ship supply always offering quality bedding and pillows, bath towels, and galley linens for every purpose. Antwerp Ship Supply can supply you with quality laundry detergent, bleach, fabric softener, and cleaning supplies at a reasonable price.
Antwerp Ship Supply offer a full line of galley supplies to meet your every need. Shipchandler Antwerp will supply your ship with quality pots, cooking utensils, and dishes upon request. We also offer a large line of rice cookers, coffee pots, and other small galley appliances.
Your cabin order would not be complete without paper products, mops, brooms and cleaning brushes.
Please visit our main page Ship Chandler Antwerp to see all of the ship chandlery services that we provide.


A few of the cabin items that Shipchandler Antwerp can supply:


  • Quality sheets, pillow, bath towels, and other linen
  • Mops, brooms, deck brushes, and other cleaning equipment
  • Laundry detergents, fabric softeners and cleaners
  • Disposable paper products
  • Trash bags, food storage bags and bio bags
  • From your smallest gadgets to your largest stock pots, Shipchandler Antwerp can supply it all

Shipchandler Antwerp